Regal and majestic, Canada lynx have long tuft…

Regal and majestic, Canada lynx have long tufts of black fur on the tips of their ears, a ruff of long hairs that frames the face, and a short, black-tipped tail (distinguishing it from its smaller relative, the bobcat). Their fur varies from yellowish to rusty to reddish-brown, muted with silver and tipped with white – an ideal coloring for an animal active in the shadow hours of dawn and dusk. These forest-dwelling cats live in northern latitudes with a range extends from Alaska throughout much of Canada and into the boreal forests in the northeastern U.S., the Great Lakes, the Rocky Mountains and the Cascade Mountains. With large paws and long hind legs, lynx are highly adapted to hunting their primary prey (the snowshoe hare) in deep powdery snow. This one was spotted at Denali National Park in Alaska during the summer.

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 Photo by Kent Miller, National Park Service.